About Ewaso Ng’iro North Development Authority (ENNDA)



The Authority’s mandate is to plan, co-ordinate and implement development projects and programmes, in the Ewaso Ng’iro North basin and catchment areas.



To be the leading organization, in providing sustainable, and equitable integrated development.



To promote sustainable and equitable integrated development in the Ewaso Ng’iro North River Basin and its catchment area through integrated development planning, research and studies, implementation of integrated/multipurpose programmes and projects and establishment of resource based enterprises.



We are committed to upholding the following core values as the guiding principles for the operations of ENNDA:

  • Integrity -Honesty and sincerity are an integral part of our operations. We shall uphold these through strict adherence to the moral principles underlying all our policies.
  • Equity-We are committed to acting in an impartial, fair and just manner.
  • Team spirit-We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. We create a workplace that fosters community, respects, and uniqueness of each person, promotes employee participation to ensure their full contribution and appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.
  • Reliability-In all our undertakings, we make an effort to be reliable and dependable.
  • Innovativeness & Creativity-We thrive on creativity and ingenuity. We seek the innovations and ideas that can bring a positive change to the basin. We value creativity that is focused, data-driven, and continuously-improving based on results.
  • Professionalism-We shall be patriotic to the cause of the ENNDA and be guided by professional ethics in all our undertakings.
  • Gender Parity-Equal representation of women and men is our hall mark. We believe men and women have equal value and should be accorded equal treatment; empowering women is our indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty.

Implementation is the doing part of the Strategic Plan that describes the specific actions that needs to pursued by different actors. Specific time lines have been detailed against the activities with the outputs and budget clearly stipulated. The success of implementation will be dependent on institutionalizing the process so that the plan can have a life of its own.

The participation of all the stakeholders will be a critical factor for successful implementation of the plan. There should be supportive structure, culture and systems for realization of the set outputs. A summary of the implementation plan is depicted in the implementation matrix.

 ♦ Accountability & Transparency
We shall always endeavour to be transparent, answerable and liable at all times
  • To coordinate poverty alleviation, employment creation, social integration, community empowerment, political development, environment management and socio-economic development programmes and projects;
  • To promote and facilitate sustainable livelihoods through undertaking projects which enhance food production and accessibility for all within the region;
  • To promote and coordinate community capacity building and development projects in the region;
  • To establish a mechanism for ensuring equitable compensation and benefit sharing for the local communities arising from the economic exploitation of resources in the region;
  • To promote resource based investment while encouraging efficient and effective utilization of such resources;
  • To initiate and market multi-sectoral development projects; Institutionalise Early Warning Systems (EWS) in all development programmes in the Basin
The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to create short- and long–range interventions that will enable ENNDA to identify, evaluate and explore opportunities for continuous growth and sustainability. The Strategic Plan will create focus in the Authority’s operations while at the same time enabling it to achieve competitiveness in the regional development sector.

In support of the principal function of the Authority of coordinating and promoting integrated development projects for the purpose of sustainable utilization, conservation and protection of the natural resources within the ENNDA region, the strategic direction of this plan is to address the regional challenges through multi-sectoral programmes and projects that are well suited to provide solutions and coping mechanisms. The Strategic Plan will also address the internal operational challenges that limit the effectiveness of the Authority in discharging its mandate.

The Strategic Plan will be the blueprint to guide ENNDA for the next five years in addressing the development challenges in the region. The Plan will also:

a) Focus the Authority’s efforts in carrying out the activities that will result in the anticipated outcomes;
b) Be useful in informing all stakeholders of the development agenda, their roles and contribution, resource requirement and time lines;
c) Act as a guide in the self assessment process after the planning period.
d) Will facilitate timely resource mobilisation, allocation and utilisation within an accountability framework and a known operational path.

The overriding role of the Strategic Plan is to ensure high levels of success for the authority in implementing its development agenda within the five years.
To plan, coordinate, promote and implement development programmes and resource based investments in the region in an integrated, multi-sectoral approach, so as to ensure equitable social economic development in the region.